UviTech, Inc.has Several
Awesome Services & Features

We are working with new systems to provide the best to you and customers.

Web Design & Development

Interactive, flat, material, iconic, websites built to suite you and your needs.

Web Hosting

With flexible, secured, and affordable web hosting options added to all clients

IT Consultation

You are in need of technical support fo your ICT equipment, we are at your service.

Web Apps Development

Intuitive apps. Works for you and your clients also

Mobile App Development

Cross platform, secured, classic, and well designed mobile with great GUI

Mobile Repair

Spoilt is not dead. We will fix it with speed. Both Hardware and software

Computer Repair

Your PC, is your second life, let us fix it. So that you dont loss

Email Marketing

Give us your prospective email list and we will reach them.

SMS Marketing

We will reach your auduience even by SMS, limitless solutions


It is our aim to be the leading innovative company in Africa.


This division of UviTech is aimed at making products and services tailored at local businesses and for them to meet the competitive requirements of the market.


Advancing Education through Technology

Other projects are under feasibility studies and being designed to solve major problems

We are constantly working to bring new innovative and high yeilidng ideas to Ghanaians and the world at large.

Invoicepal-Sales On The Go

A simple platform to create and send invoices to your clients

Invoicepal helps you to account for all your sales on one single platform making accounting easier.

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